About Us

Hello friends!

We are a small, but vivid hostel, right in the very center of Bucharest and its hottest part - The Old Town.

We would like to tell you a little story of our street: Coltei street.
Coltea is one of the oldest suburbs of Bucharest where one could find many merchants: handcrafted soapmakers, butchers and fishermen that were selling their goods.
In the 17th century, there were built a church-monastery, Coltei Hospital, the first romanian hospital organized in the venetian style, a school and a few houses, all these being surrounded by a stone wall that had Coltei Tower at the gate. The tower was built by soldiers, but unfortunately it collapsed partially because of an earthquake and the mayor decided to have it removed.

Nowadays is an old street right in the center of the city where you can also find our hostel, bar and club. Wonderland means a place where alternative young people, travelers, music bands and fans meet and share stories, chats, music and a fresh beer or just a hot coffee. It's maybe one of the best choices if you like meeting locals and hanging out with them.

Our location is just a few minutes away from all the Bucharest's highlights, restaurants, common transportation, airport express bus service, main clubbing and nightlife area and everything is important when you travel. Also a non stop mini market and ATM are right next to us.

Cause we like sharing, every traveler will have 1 FREE SHOT in our bar for every night spent with us. This can be the start of a beautiful friendship! We like to party and we like a positive way to have fun, we like to travel and we like to share stories and knowledge, we are opened and friendly and always ready to help!

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